“I was in a car accident should I go through my insurance carrier or the person who hit me?”

If the car crash is not your fault it is typically  best to go through the insurance carrier of the person who caused the accident.  The other insurance carrier will be the one to ultimately pay out the expenses of property damage, rental and/or towing.  If you do not have rental and/or towing coverage on your policy, your insurance carrier may not cover these expenses even if you are entitled to them.  Your insurance carrier may pay you for property damage, rental and/or towing, but will end up subrogating (collecting the money) against the other insurance carrier.

If the car accident is your fault you will need to go through your own insurance carrier.  If you have collision on your vehicle you may be responsible for a deductible, which will be subtracted from the amount of money you receive.  Look to your declaration page of your insurance policy to see what type of coverage you purchased.  Check for rental and towing coverage.  Just because you have rental and towing coverage does not necessarily mean all of your out pocket expenses will be reimbursed, limits may apply depending on your policy.

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