How do I hire the best car accident lawyer?

How do I hire the best car accident lawyer?

The best attorney to represent you in a car accident may not always be the one who is the biggest, and most well known.  Everyone knows Walmart, but that doesn’t mean Walmart always has the best quality.  Experience and knowledge of personal injury law are important, but not every attorney’s experience qualifies them as the best.  Here are some things to find out to make sure you have the best lawyer:

  • How long has the lawyer been handling car accident cases?
  • Has the lawyer ever been to court?
  • Has the lawyer ever tried a car accident case, and if so have they been successful?
  • Does the lawyer know and understand how the insurance companies handle claims?
  • When you go for your free consultation do you get to meet with a lawyer or someone who just works for the lawyer?
  • Does the lawyer take the time to listen to your questions and adequately address your concerns?
  • When you meet with the lawyer is he/she the type of personal who will fight for your best interest?

Personal injury cases can take years, sometimes up to 2 to 3 years before they conclude.  Finding the right lawyer is important.  Attorney Socha may not be the right for lawyer for everyone, but if you are looking for the following:

  • 20+ years practicing personal injury law;
  • 12 years working as an insider for the insurance companies handling personal injury cases;
  • experience as a law clerk at the Connecticut Superior Court prior to becoming a lawyer;
  • since her first day as an attorney she has been in court;
  • extensive trial experience in personal injury matters with more than 75+ jury trials and a winning track record;
  • she meets with everyone of her clients and is personally available to address their needs throughout the process and
  • she has the passion and persistence to make sure each client is treated fairly and obtains the most optimal results,

Then you should call Socha Law today for a free consultation.  Call (860) 375-8260 to get started.