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At Socha Law, I understand how to estimate all of the losses you may incur in the future to ensure that you demand the total amount you deserve. If you have been injured in an accident, please call me, Connecticut’s personal injury attorney, to discuss a possible case at no cost.

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I take fighting for accident victims seriously. I am passionate about our jobs and helping people get back on their feet.

When you call my law firm for a free consultation, you will speak directly with me, an experienced Connecticut personal injury attorney. I  will handle your case the entire time and will be available to you throughout the legal process.

When you call in with a question, I will be on the phone to listen. It is this kind of personal service that will make your experience with me exceptional, and it is what separates me from the rest.

Why Choose Socha Law
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Trust Is Paramount

I'll fight for you, provide strategic representation, and win full compensation against tough opponents. You can trust me tell your story and challenge insurance companies.

Socha Equals Success

With me, your story will be one of success. Whether your case is straightforward or highly complex, I will fight tirelessly to get you the maximum compensation available.

Happy Clients

Above all, I strive to help my clients win what they deserve. That's why I have only 5-Star reviews on Google and hundreds of happy clients.

A Personalized Experience

My clients receive the skill level and experience of a large, commercial firm with the personalization and care of a small firm.

Naithan Rojas
Naithan Rojas
I can’t thank Kerry enough for her outstanding work on my case! She fought tirelessly to ensure that I get the compensation I deserved. She’s kept me updated throughout the process and made sure I was okay in all aspects, her expertise, dedication, and professionalism are unmatched. I’m grateful to have Kerry on my side. I highly recommend Kerry Socha’s services to anyone seeking justice!
Scott Lent
Scott Lent
Kerry took the time to get to know me and my Workers Compensation case from a slip and fall on ice at my employers facility. I would use her services again and recommend her to a friend.
David Childers
David Childers
Kerry was amazing!! I called to find out if she was able to take my case and unfortunately she was not able to but still she gave me deep detailed advice on how to proceed with the issues that I was dealing with. She gave me some brilliant ideas to eliminate the issues and I completely can't thank her enough for her time that she spent coaching me through everything! If you need an attorney in Connecticut she would be the one to hire. David Childers
c crawford
c crawford
Being from out of state, I called Vernon chamber of commerce to look for recommendation of a lawyer. Within the hour I was on the phone with Kerry telling her the details of my daughter's predicament. Her professionalism and savvy led to a quick result. I couldn't recommend her more highly.
Alex Bailey
Alex Bailey
Very pleased with Kerry and her work! I will definitely recommend her!
Christine Noonan
Christine Noonan
My husband was in a car accident in March 2020 that was not his fault. We hired a personal injury lawyer that did absolutely nothing for almost 3 years. We found Kerry and she had his case settled within about 6 months. She was wonderful at communicating what needed to be done on our end and keeping us abreast of the case. We HIGHLY recommend her and her skill as a personal injury attorney.
Brittany Huri (Palmer)
Brittany Huri (Palmer)
Kerry has been phenomenal. She is extremely thorough and genuine. I am so thankful I chose her to represent me in my accident case. Kerry has been very fair, transparent, and honest. It was very important to me to have someone in my corner like her. I highly suggest her to everyone.
Neil D
Neil D
Kerry was great to work with. Great with communication and helping you understand the process. She was also very flexible and will go the extra mile to get things done for you!
Athena Allure
Athena Allure
I had the pleasure of working with Kerry! Not only is she an amazing lawyer she’s very kind. Kerry is very flexible, looks out for your best interest, and is thorough in all that she does. She made sure everything was done fast and efficiently.
Jacquelyn LaBonte
Jacquelyn LaBonte
Attorney Socha represented my family in a small claims case, I am absolutely amazed with the wonderful job she did in representing us is such a small case, she went over and above, dotted her “i” and crossed her “t”! If we ever needed representation in a court of law on any large or small case, she would be the attorney we would call.

How Kerry Socha, Connecticut’s Personal Injury Attorney, Can Advocate for You

In the aftermath of an injury, individuals often need clarification about whether to consult an attorney or attempt to manage the insurance claims process independently. It is crucial to understand the complexities of dealing with insurance companies, and proceeding without legal representation could lead to accepting a settlement that falls short of your rightful compensation.

Once you agree to a settlement, you forfeit your right to pursue additional compensation from the liable party, leaving you to cover any remaining medical bills and expenses. By choosing Attorney Kerry Socha, a skilled personal injury attorney based in Vernon, Connecticut, you can ensure that your claim is in competent hands. Kerry provides a variety of essential services, including:

It may be clear that another driver was responsible for your car accident, but you might not be aware that if they were working at the time, their employer could also be held liable. Kerry excels in pinpointing all potential sources of compensation and establishing legal liability.

The process of determining damages extends beyond merely totaling medical expenses. Kerry will comprehensively evaluate all aspects of your case, including lost wages, future losses, pain, suffering, and more. Many individuals must pay more attention to their claims, resulting in inadequate settlements and future out-of-pocket expenses. Kerry’s expertise in Connecticut law ensures you demand and receive the total compensation you deserve.

While minor personal injury claims are often resolved without complication, disputes are more likely in claims involving substantial compensation, contested liability, or complex issues. In such scenarios, the support of Kerry Socha’s law firm becomes indispensable.

Engaging with insurance companies can be a daunting task, and it is advisable to consult with Kerry Socha before any communication with an insurance representative. This precautionary measure can safeguard your claim from potential pitfalls. Insurance companies are notorious for reluctance to disburse funds, frequently seeking reasons to deny claims.


Kerry Socha’s proficiency in personal injury law ensures that your rights are protected and you stand the best chance of receiving the compensation you are entitled to.

How Kerry Socha, Connecticut’s Personal Injury Attorney, Can Advocate for You

Our Areas of Practice

Connecticut Car Accident Lawyer

Every accident and case is different. However, you can expect to receive a fair and acceptable settlement when you have an expert lawyer who has had many successful auto accident lawsuits.

Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyer

I understand the financial hardship after you have suffered a personal injury. Medical bills and lost time from work, not only cause financial losses, but stress and anxiety. I will work tirelessly to address each client’s needs. 

Work Injury Attorney

If you were hurt on the job in Connecticut, contact me to discuss your rights. I represent workers in personal injury cases against those responsible for their injuries.

Slip and Fall Attorney

Every year, countless people are injured in retail stores, supermarkets, bars and restaurants, parking lots, apartment buildings, and private homes, requiring legal assistance from an experienced slip and fall lawyer.

Medical Malpractice Attorney

If you or a loved one was injured due to a medical mistake or medical negligence, the doctors and hospital will rarely ever give you honest answers about what went wrong. I can help.

Product Liability Attorney

I work closely with some of the most knowledgeable and renowned technical experts and has a proven track record of significant recoveries on behalf of those injured by defective or unreasonably dangerous products.
Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney in Connecticut

Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney in Connecticut

Selecting a proficient personal injury attorney is crucial for the success of your claim. Here’s your guide to finding the right Connecticut attorney for your needs, along with some key considerations.

Start by seeking recommendations from trusted family members, friends and colleagues. You can also research online to learn more about trusted attorneys. Remember, every personal injury claim is unique, so looking for attorneys with extensive experience with various cases similar to yours is crucial.

Inquire about previous clients’ experiences. Ask specific, respectful questions to understand how they manage cases from initiation to conclusion. Focus on client satisfaction, supportiveness, and the attorney’s approach to handling cases.

Identify what’s most important to you in a personal injury lawyer. For example, attorney Socha operates on a contingent fee basis, meaning you only pay if your claim is successful. Other essential factors to consider include:

  • Specific experience with cases similar to yours
  • Her professional credentials and availability
  • The resources and experience her firm brings to the table
  • Associated case fees
  • Feedback from past clients
  • Track record of successful outcomes

Also, consider the specific nature of your injuries. Some attorneys specialize in particular areas of personal injury law. Kerry, however, has a diverse range of experience, ensuring she can handle various personal injury cases, catering to your unique needs.

While recommendations can guide you, the final decision is yours to make. Conduct thorough research, assess all necessary factors, and trust your instincts when choosing your Connecticut personal injury attorney.