Work Injuries
Work Injuries

Work Injuries

At the Law Offices of Kerry A. Socha, LLC, we understand how devastating a workplace accident can be.  Many people who are hurt on the job are unable to return to work, causing their families to suffer financial hardship. Beyond the financial difficulties associated with workplace accidents, many workplace injuries require long-term medical care.

If you were hurt on the job in Connecticut, contact Attorney Socha to discuss your rights. We represent workers in personal injury cases against those responsible for their injuries.  Our first concern is you.  We will represent your interests, when your employer will not.

What you should know if you were injured at work.

  • If you were injured on the job, you are entitled to medical care and a percentage of your wages.
  •  Make sure you know all of your rights. The insurance carrier or your employer may not tell you.
  •  If another party caused your work accident, you may have a claim in addition to workers’ compensation.

Workers Compensation cases can often pit the interests of a sick or injured worker against the interests of an employer. For this reason, the workers compensation claim process can be adversarial and difficult and will often necessitate the use of an attorney who is experienced with regard to workers’ compensation claims.

Even if all parties are cooperating, it can still be a good idea to speak to a qualified lawyer about your work injury. In addition to helping you to obtain reimbursement for your medical bills and other expenses, working with an attorney can help you to understand your workers’ compensation rights, your financial situation, and what to expect from your employer’s insurance carrier, as well as help you plan for medical examinations, depositions or other procedures related to your claim.

To speak with a CT workplace accident lawyer, call (860) 375-8260 today. At the Law Offices of Kerry A. Socha, LLC we offer all potential clients a free and confidential consultation.